Don’t get comfortable at The Bottom

When you realize that your down on your luck and your at the bottom, don’t get comfortable,

Don’t settle for the bottom, don’t get used to being down,

Lift yourself up and start climbing,

Climb until you reach the top,

Then when you reach the top, don’t get comfortable, because your still at the bottom,

Keep climbing and reach another top,

Don’t sit back and relax feeling like you have made it in life, cause you haven’t,

Keep climbing until you, reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing until you feel accomplished,

Don’t stop climbing cause as soon as you get to the top again, you’ll realize your still at the bottom,

So You have to trust yourself and trust that you are capable of thinking for yourself to continue to climb,

Then you can keep climbing with pride and dignity, until you feel that you’ve reached another top,

And when you get to the top of that mountain, don’t stop there, keep it moving,

Keep it moving because there’s more terrain to cross, there’s more ground to cover,

It may take along time to reach the top, but as long as continue to move forward, you won’t have any reason to look back at your past,

Put one foot in front of the other and move at your own pace,

As long as you can reach one top, you can do it again and again,

Sometimes somethings may come up, and knock you back down the mountain,

We’ll you can’t go through life walk around mountains, fallen down mountains, or trying to move mountains,

You just have to get up and keep climbing them,

No need to get to the other side, we know what’s over there, we just have to ask ourself, what it is we want,

Are we comfortable at the bottom, or can we move forward in life, and accomplish our goals in life,

And not to be comfortable at the bottom,

But to be alright at the Top

Onelove MDz

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