Never Give Up

When times become unbearable, and we are stuck with an unforced outcome,

When times become a monument of hope, as we see hope in the distance,

To be civil is to be naturally humble by the choices you have pertained in life,

The matarial items that you have obtained in life,

The knowledge and wisdom that has been provided to Us, confronts our perception,

The harsh reality of being in situations that we have no control over,

You can’t overcome hate with hatred,

Only to put yourself in a position to become a modern day slave, hounded by a slave master mentality,

You can’t conquer love with out excepting love,

You can’t except your failures, without trying to succeed,

If your not trying hard enough’ try harder until it becomes a hardship,

Don’t give up when times becomes harsh, and your realities are dark and lonely,

When you don’t think you’ve accomplished enough in life,

Don’t give UP to the distractions in our world, the distractions of life that causes death

Never give in to the temptations of life, only to promote death in an unhealthy society

Never give Up on YOU💯🙌🏾🙏🏾 On who you are, and what you’ve become in life,

Giving Up should never be an option, when you give yourself a chance, you give yourself the power to succeed

Onelove MDz

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