I Apologize, but I’m not Sorry

I apologize for leading you down a road that makes you uncomfortable

I apologize for you not understanding me

I apologize for anything I have done to offend you

I apologize for these words that come out my mouth

I apologize for being understanding when there is no understanding

I apologize for forgiving those who don’t want forgoviness

I apologize for those who hate those who they don’t like

I apologize for haters being put in your eye site

I apologize for causing problems and turmoil because of who I am

I apologize for not having the knowledge, the wisdom, the peace

I apologize for trying to get along with everyone regardless your identity

I apologize for screaming stop the violence, let’s just chill, repent with me

I apologize for being a friend to a so called foe who’s really competing against me

I apologize for giving the enemy a helping hand, because he was also kicked while on the ground

I apologize for confronting the real truth, knowing that the lies will prevail

I apologize for loving life unconditionally, wanting happiness and peace for all

I will never have to apologize to anybody for being ME though

I won’t apologize for who I am, what I am, or what I have become

And I won’t apologize for the color of my skin, race, ethnicity, heritage, or my upbringing,

Regardless what the apology is, I’m not sorry,

Wether you except my apology or not I’m not Sorry,

I will always be unapologetic towards those who are against me.


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