What’s your purpose? Is it to destroy and humiliate other humans? Is it to violently attack unprovoked targets that had nothing to do with anything you had going, other than kids walking to school. Is it to feel as though your hardness lies in your heart and your comfort is engraved in metal that doesn’t even know who you are as it punctures holes through another human. Is your purpose to learn to love or learn to hate? Learn to adjust to adversity, or break down when times aren’t going YOUR way? Do you feel as though you are intrigued by life or fascinated with death? Know your purpose and embrace it’ be wise when you embrace it, and learn to love thy self more than the pain of others. We all have struggles, we all have struggled, and we all will continue to struggle, but we are all here, living ….until we are gone. Know your purpose and embrace it before it is to late to understand your REAL purpose in Life.💯🙏🏾Onove MDz

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