Do you have a real Mother and Father who took you under there wings and showed you how to soar through the air

Brothers who’s bond is stronger than any thing who’s love was always rare

Like a steak under cooked although it’s fills you up

The love of a sister who’s love is never to much

Never enough to have family to care for every move that you make

Cousins Aunties and Uncles, are just as immediate as your grand kids and greats

A family full of Love will always conquer the hate

Never judge or be deceitful, we may argue but won’t defeat you

Victory comes when we need you and when all else fails, when you fall I’ll be beneath you

It’s your family who’s there to teach you’

It’s your family who surrounds you

Your family who grounds you

The family who raised you

Into being the best you,

Family members are our eternity to life’s existence

The love of family should be overwhelmingly relentless

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