More or Less

Would you prefer to have more of what you want, or less of what you need?

More time to spend with family and friends and  less time with those who really don’t care about you

More time to give someone encouraging words and less time to break them down and judge them for who they really are

Life allows us to live more although, we tend to live less because we tend to worry about other peoples defaults

Give more only to tear someone down by showing less love rather than giving more love to those who need more

I myself would rather have more love and less hate

I would rather have more money to share rather than less money to not do the things we need to do to survive.

I would rather be more wealthy at heart and more humble rather than wealthy with money and a complete fool to the reality of struggles that makes us all less fortunate

Sometimes we find our struggles are more or less severe than others but regardless the struggle, it’s still a struggle that we have to face

Without more finances you create more crime, without more love, you create more hate just as less love will create more crime

The more we continue to struggle, the more we create a rich style of living where having more money is not the main focus, but understanding how to give back more money to the less fortunate, with more love and less hate

Onelove MDz

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