I’m free stying as I type on this computer, first thought that came to mind was how fucked up Trump has been ruining the presidency.   I really miss President Obama’s swag.  I wasn’t a Bush fan but, He had a certain class to him that was still presidential.  I believe the the good in politics has to begin from the person who would like to take charge.  I mean you can’t have a bad leader taking charge of your business even your world.  I would not hire a terrible chef to cook me a meal when I know he/she (or whatever) can’t cook.  Well all in all some people hate more than the love.  So they hate the fact that good people would like to help somebody rather than nobody, and if you feel your a nobody, go find some help and see how much somebody cares about you.  I think that life is more important when someone believes in you and cares about you.  

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