Lord I ask you to humble my heart

Brightin my horizons
Move me use me’ keep me enlightened
I pray for those who’s livin in lifes struggles’ I move towards the enemies lying in the jungle
I don’t wanna continue to live my life In A bubble
Please send me blessings that will help me bubble
I don’t wanna cry but sometimes I do inside
Hide it with a smile’ hiding behind a frown
I pray for those who have issues like me
And those families living in poverty
Lord make a way out of no way let your blood flow
Let your light shine’
Lord help me grow’ whether or not I agree to disagree
Im still thankful and greatful, thank you for watching me
And to those non believers’ God is a jealous God,
When times seem odd’ he’ will pull your card’ place you under arrest’ leave you stressed
But having faith keeps me at my best

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