So he came home 7/7/07, so I Named him Seven Lucky Seven to be exact, and he was always happy There were times we had are Man vs Man battles Of course I always won the battle, but he always came back to love me, so you always won the war He always found away […]

At the end of the day, did you try hard, did you give your best to whatever it is you are trying to become Stop trying and just do what you do, trying isn’t good enough, you must do what you do At the End of the day, did you do what it is that […]

I apologize for leading you down a road that makes you uncomfortable I apologize for you not understanding me I apologize for anything I have done to offend you I apologize for these words that come out my mouth I apologize for being understanding when there is no understanding I apologize for forgiving those who […]

What’s your purpose? Is it to destroy and humiliate other humans? Is it to violently attack unprovoked targets that had nothing to do with anything you had going, other than kids walking to school. Is it to feel as though your hardness lies in your heart and your comfort is engraved in metal that doesn’t […]

Violence is something that some people crave for Some people fight for Some people die for The Violence I wish Violence was as simple as the violin where you can create beautiful music Or The colors of violet on a flower that’s precious Violence is about hurting those who don’t deserve to be hurt Or […]

In this life we live, you don’t have time to wait For someone else to tell you that Your Great You don’t have time to worry About someone else’s worry or worries to begin to worry on you You have to look at your self and use your conscious to justify your worth To dignify […]

Who are you? I mean really who Are you?? I don’t know if I know this person who’s in your body, really who are you? Why are you so angry and frustrated full of hatred and pain We know people are known to have an outer body experience, sometimes it’s sunny other times it may […]

When we Matter then our lives will matter We can’t belong to some falsified movement thats about All Lives We had to be provoked to start our own movement for Black Lives Black is a color and the revolution has been televised For the world to see how someone could say “I don’t see color!” […]

We are all born in this world supported by someone’s smile We are all comforted and held in our parents arms for a little while We cry they pick us up and tell us it’s ok We fall they pick us up, dust us off, and continue to care for us At some point, the […]