Black on Black on Black

It’s always those who tend to place the example of being real means to be hard tough strong

Always fearing the connection of not wanting to be alone, but wanting to belong

Always tough when it’s tough and Crime is the outcome

Black on Black on Black usually we see the victim, the other victim, and the other other victim

Why do we continue to hurt ourselves, hurt our heritage, hurt our culture

When will we stand up and say enough is enough, before we get handcuffed

And Slavery is real see how the penitentiary feels

Get the blood flowing through your veins, as the holy water flow through your gills

What’s real is the reality of wanting to get along with all walks of life

The reality of getting along is like a mirage of lies and deception, sometimes it feels wrong just to like

To kill Blacks on Blacks on Blacks is like killing your own kids, or your brother n sister’ your auntie and uncles

Then we wonder why it’s so hard to get along and live together as one like a couple

We come together for violence and chaos’ but not to lift another up

So when it’s time to commit Black on Black on Black, remember it’s never the right time, have we had enough

It never justifies the truth, as we all have been lied too, battered and bruised’ mentally

We need to stop Black on Black on Black violence instantly

But honestly, I don’t think we can because the roots are too deep

And it’s too easy to be easy’ to easy to be soft, to easy to be left alone, to easy to be sleep

Instead you are a warrior when your hard’ it’s easy for you to place the chrome to someone’s dome

Leavin Blacks on Blacks on Blacks mentally, physically, and emotionally dead, where your forced to be stuck in the unfriendly zone

Onelove MDz